Most traditional Chinese cuisine in Czech Republic
A wide range of choices from Chinese eight cuisine
We cook for Chinese leaders and celebrities
Minimum capacity of 250 customers and 10 Private rooms
Luxury interior environment, especially in salons


Founder of Peking restaurant was born in Wenzhou - Zhejiang province. More than 20 years ago, he decided to move in the Czech Republic. As the president of the Czech Chinese Restaurant Association, he has a fervent patriotism, dedicated to promoting the traditional Chinese food culture and opening up a new European understanding of authentic Chinese cuisine. In 1993 he opened Peking restaurant near I.P. Pavlova.

After moving to Pankrác in Prague 4 in 2006, the restaurant expanded to have more than 250 dining seats and 10 luxury private rooms. As the largest and most prestigious Chinese restaurant, it is well-known not only as the designated place for Chinese tourists, or for government-business and entertainment celebrities from China, but also as the good choice for Europeans to experience Chinese food and banquet culture.

In recent years, with the closer trade and cultural exchanges between the two countries, it has gradually become a must come place for Europeans looking for authentic Chinese cuisine. The main gate extended Beijing style architectural features, in terms of stone lion sitting, copper door with iron button, and red tile.

With the aim of providing the most authentic Chinese cuisine for the Europeans and overseas Chinese, we employ the native Chinese chefs, as well as the Beijing roast duck master as the core team, adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, in a traditional way to show the art of cuisine with shape, color, fragrance, taste as one. Whether it is Sichuan, Shandong, or Cantonese cuisine, you could feel the tongue tip and taste bud collision.